Investigations For The Re-Use of Existing Foundation Solutions.

Increasingly any new development in our heavily congested city hubs involves the partial or full demolition of existing buildings.  However, there is more and more demand on proving a sustainanble solution and retaining and reusing as much of the exiting structure as possible. Concept regularly carry out structural and materials surveys to help Developers uphold and develop their sustainable credentials and provide a value engineered foundation solution.

We regularly investigate exiting foundation solutions: deep foundations, pads, piles etc. of existing buildings to provide information to assist in the re-use of these foundations for the new development. We also investigate a variety of structural elements, such as brick, steel, concrete, and stone and also carry out in-situ testing as well as retrieve samples for laboratory testing.

We can design the appropriate structural investigation to obtain the information the designer needs:  Our significant experience in this field allows us to recommend alternatives that will minimise costs and maximise the information obtained. Using a combination of soil drilling and directional diamond coring techniques, parallel seismic and non- destructive testing applied to investigate deep foundations, pile shafts and pile underreams; we gather all the necessary data to meet the designers needs to prepare a value engineered solution re-using material and foundations of the exiditng building.