Concept: Static Cone Penetration Testing.

Concept are pleased to announce that we are certified and approved to carry out cone penetration tests (CPTu) and that we have recently taken delivery of a CPT machine from Pagani (TG63-150) which can be configured by request for dynamic penetrometer tests, static penetrometer tests, or both.

Static penetrometer tests may be performed with a mechanical cone and manual acquisition (CPT), which represent the standard configuration, or by means of different cones (optional) such as the piezocone (CPTU). The static/dynamic mode allows the data to be obtained from the cone from soil with different mechanical characteristics (from very soft to very hard and compact soil).

Our software enables provision of comprehensive reports, which can include the following:

– Input and output in both the SI and Imperial unit systems
– Interpretations based on the comprehensive review by Lunne, Robertson and Powell (1997)
– Tabular presentation of all interpretation results
– Graphical presentation of all interpretation results
– Analytic reports for every level of interpretation
– Overlay report for selected CPTU files
– Dissipation data interpretation module
– Direct settlements calculation module (for sands only)
– Single pile bearing capacity calculation
– Typical geotechnical section creation
– 2D cross section maker module

Please contact us for further information or if you need CPTu as part of your next site investigation.