Concept provides a wide range of geotechnical, structural and geo-environmental services.

Site investigation includes the use of intrusive techniques such as the formation of trial pits and trenches, boreholes fitted with instrumentation for monitoring of the ground and groundwater and in-situ testing.

The purpose of a Phase II site investigation is to ascertain the geotechnical and geo-environmental parameters of the site in question to enable an accurate and value engineered foundation design, remediation/stabilisation strategy and solution to be formulated.

By completing a site investigation that is adequate and appropriate to the end use of your site you will be able to manage and control the risks associated with your project.

We offer the following site investigation services:

  • Rotary and cable percussive drilling
  • Trial pitting and trenching
  • Cable percussive boring
  • Dynamic probing windowless sampling
  • Dynamic Probing
  • Specialist rotary drilling and coring
  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental laboratory testing
  • Instrumentation installation and management
  • Long term groundwater and gas monitoring
  • Geotechnical logging by qualified geologists

We can assist with sites of varying complexity and if required we can provide additional services including UXO clearance, GPR surveys, drone surveys, archaeology, LIDAR surveys and ecology. To ensure greatest value we can combine these services into one overall package to provide maximum efficiency.

We provide geotechnical investigation, design and specialist advice services in respect of foundations, basement construction, highways, earth retaining structures, slope stability assessment, cuttings in soil / rock, embankment design, groundwater (dewatering) control and, soil-structure interaction advice.

Concept operate two geotechnical laboratories offer a comprehensive suite of geotechnical and chemical soils laboratory testing services ranging from basic classification testing and chemical and electro-chemical tests, to a full range of compaction, compressibility, permeability, shear strength and effective stress testing.

All testing is carried out in accordance with BS1377:1990 and BS EN ISO 17892 under our strict quality control procedures, developed to ensure accuracy of results reported with efficient delivery of data to meet programme constraints.

Factual reports can be provided in any format required including:

  • Hard copy
  • Electronic (pdf, Excel, Word)
  • AGS formats
  • Or to the bespoke requirements of the project and Client.

Concept’s laboratory testing division has recently been accredited by UKAS in accordance with the requirements of ISO17025:2005.

To download our full schedule of UKAS accredited tests click here.

Concept’s structural engineers are expert in the design and construction of all types of structures. We are closely associated with leading UK and International Academic Institutions, allowing us to keep abreast of technical developments whilst maintaining a pool of specialist Consultants.

Specialist structural consultancy services include:

  • Numerical Structural Modelling and Analysis
  • Investigation of punching failures in slabs
  • Bridge assessment
  • Static and dynamic finite-element modelling of skeletal and continuum structures.
  • Soil-structure interaction analyses relating to the behaviour of ground slabs
  • Analysis and design of shell structures, including large diameter domes and major liquid retaining vessels constructed from steel, concrete or composite materials

We work closely with architects, project developers, building owners and contractors to deliver effective structural investigations and solutions.

Whatever the sector, project size, location or structural material we provide a service intended to maximise value and minimise construction time.


Concepts’ in depth understanding of project design requirements allow us to assist our Clients in the planning, procurement and interpretation of geotechnical investigation works.

Early engagement with the services that we provide will help you mitigate risks and costs which could arise later in the process. With our experience of working at the soil/rock and structure interface we can ensure that the advice we provide provides the basis for a safe and cost efficient project.

Our multidisciplinary ground engineering team have extensive experience of site operations and technical knowledge to deliver the geotechnical services required to ensure the successful start of any project. These skills can be brought to your project, we understand that every project requires an individual approach. We can either scope your investigation and design work for you or advice your team of our recommendations.

We work with our Clients, and their teams, to understand the type and level of data that is required for the design team and the project: whether it’s soil profiles, ground/groundwater models, environmental data, parameters for detailed design or geotechnical design expertise. We become part of the design team and use our skills and knowledge to add value and help mitigate the risk ground conditions can pose for a site.

We provide geotechnical investigation, design and specialist advice services in respect of foundations, basement construction, highways, earth retaining structures, slope stability assessment, cuttings in soil / rock, embankment design, groundwater (dewatering) control, and soil-structure interaction advice.

Environmental Building on derelict ‘brownfield’, industrial land has become increasingly common as virgin inner-city development space is rare and developments expand outwards. Specialists in contaminated land and remediation, we are able to assess and advise on geo-environmental risks for all forms of property transaction and site redevelopment.

Concept provide intrusive environmental investigation services including in-situ sampling and testing, installation of instrumentation for long term in-situ gas / groundwater sampling and monitoring.

All works are carried out in accordance with current environmental guidelines, procedures, legislation and best practice.

Concept offers advice on environmental sampling and testing regimes, waste disposal, soil treatment, site remediation and many other environmental aspects relating to the redevelopment of sites.

As part of our environmental services we provide desktop studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, qualitative risk assessments and site appraisals, as well as regulatory consultation and associated planning documents thereby allowing Clients and Developers to identify environmental issues at an early enough stage within their project to mitigate, manage and control all associated environmental risks.

Subsidence is the cause of major structural damage to property and infrastructure across the UK, and is primarily related to geotechnical causes. Subsidence often manifests itself as visual damage to buildings and structures whilst invisibly impairing the structural integrity of the building and its foundations

Concept has extensive experience in the design and implementation of investigations to determine the root cause of  subsidence damage to residential and commercial properties.

Our services include detailed site surveys that include a comprehensive set of tests including foundation and drainage investigation, soil analysis and building monitoring as well as design of remedial and repair strategies

At Concept we have a highly-trained and experienced team of engineers working nationwide with the UK’s major Insurers, intermediaries, Consulting Engineers and private home owners, to provide a one-stop service from investigation to repair.

  • Internal/external trial pits and boreholes
  • Hand and mechanical auguring
  • Window sampling/dynamic probing
  • Laboratory/soil testing, carried out to relevant BS, EN and ISO standards
  • Drainage investigations utilising CCTV
  • Video monitoring of buildings
  • Comprehensive reporting